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Storms? What storms?

Well, perhaps it's a little trite, but we have another couple of firsts under our belt.  On Tuesday Calvin ran his first errands!  With the help of his mother and grandmother, of course, he endured lunch out (lots of oohs and ahhs), followed by a trip through the grocery store (snuggled comfortably in his sling, so he missed the whole thing), and a quick stop at the vet's to pick up a refill for Ollie's ear medicine.  Unfortunately all the hubbub meant that he slept the majority of the day...and not a majority of the night.  Oh well.

Then last night we had a wonderful evening of dangerous weather (wonderful because we really like thunderstorms).  The roaring thunder, pounding rain, and threat of hail and tornadoes were Calvin's first brush with tempestuous weather and all went well.  storms.jpgThough his mother was a little nervous, watching the news/weather channel for tornado warning updates, Calvin took it all in stride.  Plus, in the process of keeping abreast of the weather situation, this was our, and thus Calvin's, first night of TV.  Of course we were a bit overprotective, muting it a majority of the time and just reading the closed captioning (wholly unnecessary since Calvin slept through it anyway), but it was a bit of a treat for us.  Unfortunately(?) we chose to watch "America's Got Talent."  Probably no one else was suckered into it, but for those who were... did anyone else really like the finger snapping guy?  I mean, seriously, what a talent!!!

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