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Firsts for Calvin, regression for his parents

Calvin is definitely growing.  He just feels heavier.  Most people who see him still think he looks like a preemie, but we are pretty sure we can see a growth difference.  strollerwalk.jpgNot that he fits into anything any better, he just seems bigger to us.  And he is definitely growing in other ways, too.  He has gradually become more vocal - not crying, just more talkative - and today he started talking while eating.  His amount of alert time has gradually increased every day, and he has really started to look at things now.  Actual firsts for today included napping with Cortney in his sling and going for a walk in his stroller.  It was also his first day of regulated living - Cortney started introducing a feeding/sleeping/activity schedule today.  Right.  We'll see how that goes.

But while Calvin is progressing by leaps and bounds, his parents seem to be regressing, at least where the menu is concerned.  macandcheese.jpgThough Jon did grill a couple of hamburgers last week, our meals lately have consisted mainly of little kid type dinners - frozen fish sticks and tater tots, frozen pizza, and, the ultimate, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with hot dogs.  Call it what you like, we call nostalgia. 

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