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Baby wearing and ice cream

lunchwalk.jpgNot necessarily in that order.  The ice cream came first.  It was a beautiful day and  Jon did not have plans to come home for lunch so Calvin and Cortney decided to meet him at the church (a midway point between work and home) and go for a lunch time walk.  So today marked Calvin's second visit to campus for ice cream.  After all, we had forgotten the camera the first time and needed to re-enact the icecream.jpgvisit for the purpose of age enduring photography.  You can see the results here.  And the baby wearing came after dinner when we were finally able to try Calvin in the Baby Bjorn front carrier (he had to make 8 lbs first).  We enjoyed a wonderful trek around the neighborhood with Calvin safely ensconced in said front carrier and plan to use it again soon!  We see a zoo trip in our near future.


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