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Becoming parents

We decided to take advantage of Calvin's easy going nature and 3 week old portability by going to Top of the Park tonight.  topofthepark.jpgThe weather was fantastic and we really enjoyed the evening out, as well as the all too fattening food.   We thought that would be the interesting part of our evening but, while it was fun, it was not the highlight.  Instead we came home and topped off the evening by exploring our own collection of folk music.  The trip through our music player quickly became a vocal exercise, and Jon even played some of it on the piano.  Though Calvin slept through the performance we sang to him for hours, even video taping some of the fun.  We both remember the wonderful gift of music and song that our parents gave each of us and we want to share that with our own son.  Of course it may be too early for Calvin to enjoy it, or for him to recognize the nostalgia that was thick in the room, but somehow we feel that it brought us that much closer to being parents in the sense that we understand.

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