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And... we have a thumb sucker.  (redux)

Last December (Dec 19) we were very excited to blog the news that "Rasberry," at fourteen weeks, was an avid thumb sucker.  We'd just had an ultrasound that clearly thumbsuckingagain.jpgshowed the-baby-we-now-know-as-Calvin contentedly sucking his thumb.  At the end of the entry we vowed to stock up on pacifiers early.  Funny thing about that - he does always want to suck  but he will rarely take a pacifier (although he enjoys gnawing on them if you hold them in his mouth).  But today he relearned the self-soothing technique that he so often enjoyed prior to his birth.  And he is just suddenly good at it again, too!

namepillows.jpgWe also want to share with you his new bedroom upgrade.  Our friend, Amy, made him a really cool pillow rendering of his name.  She paid us a special visit last week to bring it to him and we finally got it upon the wall today.  It really makes his room look cool and it also adds a lot of love! 

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