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Special visits - two of them

Two months old and still more special people to meet!  This afternoon Cortney's cousin Kate (Calvin's first cousin once removed) and her husband Alerk came for a special visit all the way from the Netherlands.  This was the first time we'd seen them since their beautiful wedding last summer and it was wonderful kateandcalvin.jpgthat they had time to meet Calvin during their short Ann Arbor stay (for a weekend wedding).  We rendezvoused at the Hiller household in order to maximize cathing-up-with-family time for all involved, and we had a great time hearing about their new life abroad (especially the strange toilets that are designed so as to allow the "user" to "inspect" their "deposits").  Calvin was even, for the most part, on pretty good behavior, smiling while awake and purring while asleep with a fairly minimal amount of fussing between.  And it must be an odd thing to be a baby, because when he fell asleep Kate and Alerk were sitting in front of the window, but when he woke up they were gone and another new person was in their place (or perhaps they had just morphed into a single female form...a baby can never be sure).  This baby confusion was brought on by the arrival of Karen, who has worked with Cortney's dad and been a family friend for over 29 years.  Just to prove both this and the fact that Cortney was, in fact, a baby at one time, we have included here the picture of Karen holding a very tiny Cortney in the same rocking chair back in 1977.  Clearly Calvin, seen here in the middle of a big open mouthed smile complete with laugh, is less camera shy than his mother was.



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