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Grabbing, swinging, chewing

swingingtiny.jpgLast weekend it was his thumb, today it was a rattling toy named Tiny.  To what do we refer?  Both the thumb and Tiny have now been forced into Calvin's slobbering mouth.  The thumb found its own way there, but we're not sure that Tiny would have chosen such a fate on his own (or maybe he would have - his package specifically listed iwilltasteit.jpggrasping and chewing as his favorite activities).  But, whether Tiny enjoyed it or not, we were very excited to see Calvin grasp and swing, then pull the toy toward his mouth so we could mark another milestone on our calendar (we don't keep a calendar for our own events anymore...). We do admit that we helped him find Tiny by reallytryingtoeat.jpgtouching the toy to his flailing hand - try as he might, his wild batting isn't focused enough yet - but the grasping, swinging, and mouthing was all Calvin.

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