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Joining the choir

wegottoeat.jpgThough Calvin has drawn lots of oohs and aahs, kisses and hugs, and pets and pats from his loving choir family, up until now all of this doting activity has occurred while he was sleeping.  It's quite likely, in fact, that the choir was beginning to believe that he suffered from narcolepsy.  The truth of the matter is that they had only ever seen him on Sunday mornings at church and, thankfully, withrevandrew.jpgmost mornings that has coincided nicely with his nap time.  Tonight was their chance to actually see that he has blue eyes, and that he is capable of interacting with his environment because tonight was the annual choir beginning of the season potluck.  Overall it was an uneventful event.  We got there just as the little man was waking up from a nap, and his daddy successfully fed him a bottle while talkingtoannemarie.jpgstanding in the middle of the festivities.  His mommy pulled off a discrete diaper change, and then he spent some awake time mingling.  The down side, of course, is that evening is his fussiest time, but, as previously noted, he pulled off a fairly uneventful evening.  And there was no shortage of loving arms to allow us a chance to get and eat our food.  Calvin may not be ready to sing in the bass section with his father just yet, but he sure is scoring points with the other singers!

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