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From fiery to frigid

It's hard to believe that less than a week ago we were sweltering in the ninety degree heat of a sultry Indian Summer.  FieryToFrigid1.jpgAt least it would be hard to believe if this wasn't Michigan, the place where you don't pack away seasons of clothing because you just might need those shorts in January or that sweater in July.  In reality it's not all too surprising, seeing as that it is now mid-October and wasn't it this time last year that we were seeing our first snowfall of the upcoming winter season?  FieryToFrigid2.jpgIn our family we welcome the changing of the season, with it's colorful leaves and brisk air, warm hats and fuzzy mittens, the warmth of the fire pit at the tailgate, and the sound of the first crackling logs in our fireplace at home.  We celebrated other seasons of change today, too.  Our football team finally played and won a decent game, which was a welcome change from the past month or so of
FieryToFrigid3.jpgdisappointing losses and bumbling, less-than-redeeming wins.  That alone provided us with enough reason to party the night away, but we also partied to celebrate a special milestone birthday (which milestone we will not give away) at Calvin's grandparents' house, where he entertained all with his increasingly complex dancing skills.  It is truly amazing how time and season march on and bring so many blessings with the days.

There are pictures galore, as always:  Oct 13-19 Photo Album 

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