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You're not fooling anyone

Our childless moments are few and far between.  We harbor no resentment over this - most of the activities we enjoyed together before Calvin are things we can enjoy just as well, if not more, with his little boy presence - but the occasional date night is still a coveted thing.  Last night was the first time since Calvin's birth that we went out on a date together after dark.  Sure we've been on other dates as a couple, but those were lunch dates, or dinner dates shared with the 5:00 diners who are out using their AARP meal discounts.  Tonight we went out after both Calvin and the sun were safely tucked in for the night.  Our destination was opening night of the Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D movie, and we found ourselves surrounded by young couples out on early relationship date nights, complete with nervous giggling and awkward hand-holding.  In an attempt to fit in we tried this ourselves, sliding down into the uncomfortable seats and contorting our bodies in an effort to hold hands across the personal space defining arm rest, before finally giving up and admitting that we weren't fooling anybody.  "We look old," Cortney says to Jon, to which he replied "you look like a mom."  Well, there are worse things.  And our attempt at disguise still beat the two young men who walked out of the first showing of the movie and slid behind the potted palm in the hallway to wait for an opportunity to slide back into the theater for a free second showing.  A potted palm?  That's not a disguise - it's comedy.  But it worked for them - they sat directly in front of us in the late movie - a situation that we chalk up to weak theater security because believe us, they weren't fooling anyone either.

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Watch it about the AARP discounts. You'll be there one day.
October 20, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterOld Fart

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