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Be careful what you ask for...

you just might get it.  It was just last week that we were beginning to worry a bit about Calvin's speech development, or actually the lack thereof.  Our concern stemmed from the fact that most other babies his age, even other baby boys, had begun to mimic speech sounds, saying things like dada and mama, even if they were not attached to any specific meaning, and Calvin had not yet decided to enter this stage of "babbling."  Of course, only one day after we expressed this concern to others Calvin decided to start babbling, and babble he did!  He didn't just step into this new phase, he bolted into it!  He now cruises around the house saying "dadadada" and "yayayaya," and other such thought provoking things.  An increasing number of times he has said "da da" when Jon has picked him up, or when he is crawling towards Jon.  His favorite time to talk, however, is while music is playing, either in the car or on the stereo, and we think at these times he considers himself to be singing.  We love it.

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