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To Calvin, who is nine months old today!

Nine months old, what a milestone for you!  9months1.jpgYou are three quarters of the way through your first year, and your parents are feeling like the time is just slipping away.  You successfully tried a couple of new things this past month, including swimming lessons (our favorite day of the week!), staying in the nursery, and eating more finger foods.  But the past month seems to have been more about mental advancements than physical ones.  You started mimicking our motions about two weeks ago, something that you had not previously tried.  This new interest has led to a whole host of separate advancements, the wave being our favorite:  9months2.jpgyou have two different kinds of waves, the first being where you look carefully at our waving hand and then turn your palm towards yourself and open and close the fingers very slowly, and the second being where you flap your whole arm up and down quite rapidly and watch us get excited and giggle.  A few times this past month you have also tried mimicking the sign language motion for dog that we have been using, but you still refuse to use sign language to communicate "more" while eating (we figure that you just take your eating too seriously).  Our favorite new skill, however, is your babbling.  You now love to string non--coherent speech sounds together, making delightful soliloquies for us to enjoy, and you have your own brand of singing, as well. 

9months3.jpgThis really has been our favorite age so far.  You have become so much more interactive, both with us and with your environment.  You no longer need help to get the things you want, but you have been very good about listening to us when we tell you there are things you can't have.  Soon after you turned eight months old we got you your first car in the form of a walking/riding car toy and you love to walk around the house pushing it in front of you.  You pull yourself up and cruise around the house with very little assistance now, even walking while just touching the wall to steady yourself, and you are now able to stand for nearly a minute at a time without any assistance at all.  9months4.jpgYou laugh a lot more frequently, enjoying most of all when your dad drops things while you watch (as in when he pretends to juggle).  And our favorite new physical development by far has been your new love of cuddling.  Although this age has brought with it some true signs of separation and stranger anxieties, it has also brought signs of attachment to your parents and we love it when you pull on our pant legs or reach out towards us, looking to be picked up and cuddled, and we love it when, after we lift you up for a hug, you reciprocate by placing a big, wet kiss on our cheeks, and laying your head on our shoulders while wrapping your arms around us.  Yes, this is by far our favorite age yet.

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Dear Calvin: you were such a wonderful, charming, cheerful, entertaining dinner companion last night. Thanks for coming. I love you very much.
March 12, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGrandma O

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