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Duck nurse more cat dog

Those are the baby  signs that Calvin seems to have finally started using.  We've been throwing signs at him consistently since he was a newborn, but he just showed no interest in mimicking them at all, though he did seem to understand when he saw them.  SigningDuck.jpgBut the last week or so seems to have been a language explosion for Calvin.  The first sign we noticed him mimicking was duck, not surprising since he goes to the neighborhood duck pond at least once a day, and though it started out as merely mimicking after only a day or two he was performing the sign without parental preface.  And it wasn't more than a day or so later that he started doing the signs for both nurse and more. Of course the way he does them the signs for duck and nurse are pretty much the same thing, but context makes the meanings pretty clear.  And what's amazing to us is that he didn't just start showing the signs, he seems to fully understand when and how to use them.  Well, for the most part.  His only downfall is that he finds it so exciting to be able to communicate that he will stop nursing just to make the sign before going back to it, and he will ignore the food on his tray just to sign for more.  We've had to adapt by giving him just 2 or 3 pieces at a time so that he has more chances to use his new skill.  Life with Calvin is surely a riot.

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