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It's a party! Until someone gets hurt...

Party at the watering hole!  We go out for a walk after dinner every night, HurtAtTheParty1.jpgas weather allows, and are often treated to close encounters with ducks, and distant encounters with rabbits.  Tonight, however, was a very special treat all its own: tonight we were visited by ducks, by rabbits, by a muskrat, AND by a great blue heron... all sharing the same square footage on the pond.  We had a great time taking pictures of everyone partying on the other side of the pond and Calvin had a great time signing duck, over and over and over again.  He was so happy he didn't even mind when we started down the path heading toward home, unfortunately, that didn't last long - first he tripped over a crack in the path (yes, it is possible), and though that wasn't a problem, HurtAtTheParty2.jpgas he's good at catching himself, when he went to get back up one of his arms was caught in his jacket sleeve and he ended up pitching forward, mouth first, onto the asphalt.  He only cried for about 20 seconds, but he left blood all over his mother's shoulder.  Poor little boy!    So he came home from his first party at the watering hole with his very first fat lip.  But after the first bout of crying he didn't seem to even think about it again, although he kept trying to suck on his bloody lip, which made the swelling worse, but as soon as we got home we gave him his frozen teething toy and that helped a lot.  We hope it heals by his picture appointment on Monday.

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