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Happy first birthday, Calvin!

FirstBirthday1.jpgWell, it happened.  Calvin turned one.  For so long this day seemed like it was far, far away.  Even yesterday it seemed like it couldn't possibly be here, and yet it arrived.  We tried to keep his party small so that he wouldn't become overwhelmed, but he did very well and our concerns were likely unfounded.  In fact, he spent most of the FirstBirthday3.jpgparty wandering around ingratiating himself to his guests, asking for food, and being generally adventursome.  He enjoyed eating dinner outside, and took his time doing it... savoring either the food or the attention, or possibly both.  Of course, the dinner was nothing compared to the cake!  For his very first cake we made him a sugar free carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (both sweetened with applejuice) and when he was presented with his own personal cupcake FirstBirthday2.jpghe poked at it for only a brief second before diving right in, trying to fit the whole thing in his mouth!  We expected some frosting mess, but he was too in love to waste any of it on such nonsense.  And though we know that the first birthday is really more about the parents and their guests, FirstBirthday4.jpgCalvin seemed to know that he was the star of the day... or maybe he just always assumes he's the star of the day, but either way it was a very successful and fun evening, and we are sad that it is behind us.  When the sun dawned today we still had a baby, but now with the official age defining party in our past, tomorrow the sun will dawn on the parents of a toddler.

You can see all of the pictures from his party in his 6/9-15 album

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Reader Comments (2)

Hey, I'm sorry I couldn't be there!
June 11, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterC-Check
Also, the sun's going to dawn on you guys, too.
June 11, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterC-Check

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