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A Father's Weekend Hike

DDayHike1.jpgNinety degrees!  Ninety!  Without trying to tell Mother Nature what to do, can we gently remind her that it is June?  The dog days of summer don't come until August!  With weather like this it was too hot to make the 45 minute (or more) drive to any of the zoos because Calvin gets so hot in his carseat, so we took a 15 minute drive to a nature area for a shady picnic and hike instead DDayHike3.jpg(and by shady we mean tree covered, not suspect).  Lunch was good, the terrain was gentle, and the shade was kind.  Calvin hiked like a champ, spending most of his time urging his dad to go faster from the relaxing seat in his backpack carrier, although he did get a chance to do some of his own hiking (read: playing in the dirt).  And we played a great game of I spy when we found this waiting for us around a corner...


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