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A new way to ride, a new taste, a new sign...

NewThings1.jpgSometimes it seems as if life moves in fits and starts. The weeks following Calvin's first birthday were all routine.  But nearly 2 weeks of status quo was broken today by a spurt of growth and change. Calvin's toy car made its way back into the toy rotation today (from the back of Jon's closet), and it did so in a new form: today it made its transformation from useless walker to toy car and won its way back into Calvin's heart.  And while he was busy learning to drive his new car, the UPS man stopped by to deliver his new carseat, a birthday gift from his parents and NewThings2.jpggrandparents.  Of course we had to try it out, so after dinner we headed out for ice cream where Calvin got his first taste of vanilla frozen yogurt. So how was the trip? Well, the new taste was a hit (though not as much of a hit as playing with the other kids who were there), and as for the new car seat, though we have been sold on the benefits of extended NewThings3.jpgrear facing and won't be facing him forward for at least another year, Calvin is very happy with his new big boy seat in any direction, making car trips more enjoyable for all!   And, as though he knew that today was the day for exciting and new things, Calvin surprised us and made us smile when he started signing "rabbit" after spottingNewThings4.jpg one on the path in front of us. His excited "rabbit" sign was quickly followed by "all done," in this case meaning "let me out of the stroller so I can chase the rabbit" which we did. The rabbit got away, of course, but it was a good day nonetheless, and he should sleep well tonight!

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