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Not exactly twinkle toes yet

Calvin started dance class today, and what a riot that was!  We really had no idea what to expect but it should not have surprised us to find out that, even though the class is open to anyone ages 1-3 years of age, Calvin is the youngest by about a year and is the only boy.  All those girls thought he was just the cutest thing since My Little Pony and just wanted to love him to death, but Calvin thought that was a rotten idea and spent most of his time in a constant state of forward motion.  The objective of the class is to learn "purposeful movement" so we figure this gives him a head start.  That and it gives us a preview of all those elementary school years that are yet to come.  Can anyone say Cooties?

And we are really pleased with the class itself, girls and all.  The teacher was calm and patient, the music was lively and fun, and the activities were varied.  The best part about it was the relaxed atmosphere: there was a definite structure to the class but there was no circle to have to stay in, and the kids were encouraged, but never forced, to take part in the activities.  While the moms danced around to a Simon Says kind of song some kids took part, Calvin marched around the room laughing.  We played with hula hoops for a while, sitting in them, jumping in and out of them, and pushing them around the room.  Calvin just watched with rapt attention, until it came time to walk through the hoops like a tunnel, then he decided to join in.  His favorite part of the morning was the parachute:  he loved walking on it, he loved walking around it, and he really loved walking under it.  It was clear throughout the class that he was enjoying himself.  He was engaged the whole time, sometimes just watching, sometimes joining in, and almost always smiling or laughing.  We are looking forward to watching his progress throughout the year long class.

 Since dad was at work and mom was busy dancing there are no pictures from this momentous occasion, but there are some cute new ones in the Sept 9/8-14 album.

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Jon was so incredibly charming and adorable as well that when he learned to talk he said to his admiring and pursuing throngs, "my hugging and kissing machine is out of order."
September 13, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGrandma O

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