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A saving grace

We will be the first to admit that our beloved Michigan MarchingBand1.jpgWolverines have fallen short of expectations this year, although to be truly candid we are not sure who set such high expectations for them in the first place.  Ranked fifth?  Honestly, our quarterback has been questionable from the beginning and our number of experienced and talented players has been greatly reduced recently.  Every program goes through rebuilding years, we can accept that.  In fact, we expected it.  MarchingBand2.jpgThe losses might be disappointing, but they are not crushing.  When was the last time State even went to a bowl game?  That's what we thought.  And besides, in the mean time we have our beloved Michigan Marching Band to fulfill our need for talented performance and tonight we took Calvin to see their Friday night rehearsal.  It was his MarchingBand3.jpgfirst encounter with the big band that his mother marched in during her college years, and it was clearly a hit.  He clapped and danced, and every time they stopped playing he would frantically sign "please music please" to the amusement of his parents and other onlookers.  This was, perhaps, his first real lesson that even the word "please" will not bring one everything they desire.

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