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2 days: Christmas favorites

Before Calvin the 23rd was traditionally a date night for us, usually including a dinner out and a night at the spa.  Oh how things change.  Tonight we started what we hope will be a new tradition for our little family;  we ate a light picnic style dinner on the floor by the Christmas tree and fire, listened to all our favorite Christmas music, and read a few of our favorite Christmas stories.  What are some of our favorites?  We are very fond of the Time Life Singers and Songwriters Christmas set, Stevie Wonder's Christmas album, and James Taylor's Christmas album.  As for books, Calvin's picks are "Room for a Little One" and the story out of his Children's Bible.  And, now that Calvin is in bed, Jon and I have broken out our collection of secular TV specials of years past, like Rudolph, Frosty, and, of course, "A Claymation Christmas".  It may not be a night at the spa, but it is relaxing, very cozy, and very full of spirit.

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