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1 day: Kerrytown capers

It has been my family's tradition, since Curtis and I were little, to go to Kerrytown Market the morning before Christmas.  The tradition arose from necessity–mom had to be there early to visit Monahan's Seafood Market and pick up the oysters with which to make dinner–and slowly grew to celebratory proportions; now we go (not necessarily early thanks to order ahead availability) to pick up oysters, squid, and other last minute edibles, and also to eat and shop our way through the quaint and unique building of stores.  We end the morning with the quintessential Christmas picture by the holiday scene on our way out the door.  Thankfully, late as it was (5am this morning instead of midnight last night), Curtis's train made it into town in spite of last night's nasty weather, and today the tradition has continued.  Merry eve.

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