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Vacationing in Ann Arbor.

A little over a year ago you might remember that 01VacationInAnnArbor.jpgwe came home one day to find our ceiling leaking.  Even if you don't remember, we do, and the paint and drywall damage to our ceiling was a daily reminder that just would not let us forget.  So finally, with thoughts of trying to join the already flooded housing market this spring weighing on our minds, we got around to doing something about this eyesore.  02VacationInAnnArbor.jpgWe'd been toying with the idea of attempting to do the work ourselves, but that plan lasted all of the five minutes it took Jon to get the instructions for such an undertaking from a skillful friend in our choir who does this stuff for a living...and then we hired him.  So instead of spending several days bumbling our way through an extremely intricate process we spent the whole of last week, and a bit more, on what felt like a mini-vacation, staying in 03VacationInAnnArbor.jpgCortney's childhood home thanks to the good graces of her parents (who were also staying there, as they do all of the time since they happen to live there).  We think it's safe to say that we all enjoyed the time.  Jon and Cortney certainly enjoyed being so much closer to all of their day to day activities and needs, and Calvin clearly capitalized on the constant doting attentions of his grandparents.  We moved back home today (to a 04VacationInAnnArbor.jpgmuch cleaner and brighter ceiling) feeling like we'd just been on a week-long vacation, and having the laundry to prove it.

More pictures - in the February 2008 album

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