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Welcome to Spring

We are celebrating this momentous occasion with a county wide weather advisory, complete with several WelcomeToSpring1.jpginches of snow expected over the next 48 hours.  We're doing our best to hope for rain instead, since we are also celebrating by closing on, and moving into, our new house during the same time span.  Perhaps a more appropriate celebration (of the season turning) would have been the near 60 degree weather we enjoyed at this time last week, topped off with the relaxing walk we took through our neighborhood.  At the time we'd been assuming there would be more of those, WelceomeToSpring2.jpgbut with the recent weather changes and the move looming large before us, the odds aren't for it.  The nature in our neighborhood is likely to be the one thing we miss after we leave: the rabbits, muskrats, foxes, coyotes, ducks, cranes, geese, and abundant avifauna.  There is a small pond in our new neighborhood, and we border a large expanse of farmland where we are sure to see deer at the right time of day or year, but we had come to look forward to our nightly walks when we visited with the ducks and the muskrats in the well developed (drainage) waterways of our large neighborhood planting.  We plan to make at least one trip back this way to visit the baby ducks after the first hatching of the year.

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