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Moving right along...

No, we're not talking about the Muppets (although, several boxes and two paint jobs later we might be wishing we were).  Instead we are talking about that rite of passage that is punctuated by the acts of leaving and of coming, and is recognized by the myriad of boxes between.  Yes, we are moving.  Although we aren't going far, just far enough to put us smack in the middle of a good school system and a welcoming neighborhood, the short distance of travel doesn't seem to have shortened the amount of stress and work any.  Last week we were elbow deep in our own possessions, deciding what needed to stay put, what wouldn't be missed in the three week interim (which we boxed), and what wouldn't be missed at all (which we gave away).  Many boxes and a handful of tape rolls later we moved on to calking, sanding, painting, and cleaning nooks and crannies we didn't even know we had in all four years of our residence here.  Now that the dust has settled we are asking ourselves why we didn't fix that squeaky door years ago?  Or that shoe molding?  Not that any of those things truly bothered us in the past.  In fact, we've really enjoyed our first house immensely over the past four years, but this is a good move for us, getting us into a house and a community that leave us room to grow, and we are actually looking forward to moving day, which is only a week or two away now.

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Congratulations on the new house, and good luck on the move! Even though we all haven't seen each other much lately, we'll miss having you around the corner!
March 14, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAmy

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