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Already a stand out at two

It's hard to believe that we have already arrived at that point in our parenting lives when our family calendar is defined by various children's activities.  AlreadyAStandOutAtTwo1.jpgCalvin may not be in school yet, but strangely enough the year end has brought with it a plethora of celebrations and activities: last Friday morning we attended the Summer Reading Program Kick-Off Party at our local library, complete with cake, comedian, and petting farm; on Tuesday we will attend the first of two year end picnics, this one being for his dance class, then the second one, for his music class, takes place next Friday.  The most notable of all these events, however, was the one that took place today - his very first dance recital.  The performance has been a whole year in the making.  AlreadyAStandOutAtTwo2.jpgCalvin and Cortney started the weekly classes last September.  At the first class Calvin mostly watched and asked to be picked up, but his improvement was steady from there, and by show time today he was incredibly willing to walk out on the stage of the rented middle school auditorium (with his mother, of course, and the other toddlers from his class) and go through the small, choreographed circle dance that we have been practicing since that very first class oh so many months ago.  He "performed" very well, only forgetting to twirl one time, and his determined calm throughout the whole affair was refreshing, but what really made him stand out amongst all his dancing peers?  Of all the performers, ranging in age from 2 years to 4th grade, he was the only boy.

The superfluity of pictures this month has warranted a second June album, so more pictures can be found in the new June 2008, too album.

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