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A day behind

Happy Fathers' Day!


Yes, we know we are a day late, but what with the dance recital and spending an afternoon on house improvements (for the house  we have ADayLate3.jpgon the market), we christened today Fathers' Day Observed and spent the morning at our favorite zoo.    It has been a highly unusual year for us, the early part of the spring having been filled with the move, and this was actually our first 2008 Detroit Zoo trip.  We have become very attached to that zoo, having spent so much time there over the years, and feel, in some ways, like it is home for us, so it was a wonderful feeling to return and visit our animals.   It's a lot more fun, ADayLate2.jpgtoo, now that Calvin is older.  He knows the names of all the animals, even if he doesn't always get them right (no, the Guanaco is not a llama), and according to him they all have an accompanying sound (ever heard a kangaroo?  They apparently say "boing boing").  We were even fortunate enough to be visited by a  swimming polar bear while in the underwater tunnel, an occasion that left Calvin straddling the line between fear and curiosity.  He was brave enough, ADayLate1.jpgthough, to reach up and touch that big, black polar bear foot, something not every two year old can lay claim to having done.  We should also give mention to the aardvark, who was not only awake, but busily digging holes wherever the ground was undisturbed.  He was Calvin's favorite sighting of the day, and likely ours, too, since we've never seen him do anything but sleep (a pastime we have come to respect more and more over the last two years).

Zoo pictures are in the June 2008, too album. 

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