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Jammies at the Library

It's not every day that you get to wear your jammies to the library, but Calvin learned something about special exceptions today.  JammiesAtTheLibrary01.jpgThe children's program at our little tiny library has been one of our greatest enjoyments in our new tiny town - Calvin absolutely loves weekly story time, and throughout the summer they have at least one activity every week to get kids into the library for fun - and the activity this week was Bedtime Stories night.  For about thirty minutes pajama clad kids of all ages crammed themselves into the main room of the library to listen to our phenomenal and well loved JammiesAtTheLibrary02.jpgchildren's librarian read bedtime stories and lead bedtime songs and dances (yes dances).  From "No Jumping on the Bed" to "I'm Not Afraid of Monsters" Calvin was absolutely captivated, plus he seemed to greatly enjoy the fact that he was wearing his pajamas out of the house.  And since, if we're making some exceptions, we might as well make a few, yes that is a lion hanging out with those farm animals on the felt board (for more information on lions as farm animals, please refer to Pete Seeger's recording of "I Had a Rooster"). 

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