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Gathering together

For those of you who have yet to discover the benefits of facebook, the free online community often referred to as the intellectuals' myspace, here's one possible side effect of joining that may not come to mind - a house full of people you haven't seen in nearly fifteen years.  At least, that was the result for us.  After having resisted any form of web networking for many years, we both finally joined the facebook world shortly after our trip to Iowa.  Our excuse at the time was photo sharing with other wedding guests, but in no time at all we found ourselves instantly connected to people we had been out of touch with for more years than we care to count or admit.  Then tonight, only a few months later, we hosted a real life reunion with some of my friends from high school.  In all, eleven former Pioneer High graduates, some with their spouses and some with their children, gathered at our home for grilled sausages and potluck styled side dishes and drinks.  If we were worried, as the first guests arrived shortly before four, about the strain that thirteen years of absence can put on young friendships, those fears had long since been put to rest when we saw the last out the door just before midnight.  The conversation came easily, the food disapeared quickly, the kids played together happily, and the laughter flowed freely, especially when we passed around the old yearbooks.  It was an absolutely wonderful evening of rebuilding old connections with more modern and up-to-date wiring.  Don't at all think of this as a plug for the facebook community, but if any of you decide you just might like to host your own small reunion sometime soon, look us up when you join.

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