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Making a big splash

Playing in the sprinkler in our own yard was really starting to be old hat, so today we opted for sprinkler play on a larger scale at the Independence Lake Splash Zone, where we joined our friends Julie and Tyler for some swim time and a picnic lunch.  I clearly remember visits to Independence lake when I was growing up, if not with classes or camps on a picnics, then in post driving license days with high school friends, but in all that time there was  never anything more attention grabbing than the occassional lighter fluid induced, several feet high, charcoal fire.  Now the park, in addition to its kid friendly beach and various picnic and grilling locations, has a rather large and adventurous new splash zone.  It's probably meant to appeal to the younger crowd, specifically the Calvin types who are not yet at swimming age and cannot fully enjoy the lake, but I know I really enjoyed running  through the bubbling fountains and misting sprayers myself.  Calvin had a grand time running in and out, exclaiming "wheeee" with every dousing dash, and, upon noticing the lake ("that water over there") also enjoyed dashing after fish and practicing his swimming stroke (with a supportive mommy hand, of course).  This is definitely an outing that we will have to repeat before the season end is upon us.

More Pictures in the August 2008 Album.

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