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Gardening days are here!  At least for the hardier plants.  We started with a nearly blank slate last year, added several gardens, and planted nearly all perennials, so even before entering the dirty phase of gardening we have been enjoying little sprouts of green all around our yard.  The best surprises have been plants that we thought were gone or had not made it, and yet here they are making a grandiose comeback!  On Sunday, after a very lazy, chilly morning, we made our first trip to our local nursery to pick up some plants to make a hanging basket (about the only annual plants we'll buy), and were treated to a very different kind of nursery;  there, in the decorative pond near the driveway, was a collection of tadpoles.  We watched them for quite some time, and this morning Calvin and I went back to see how they were doing (and to see if they had gotten any new hanging bags for our butterfly and hummingbird garden).  What a very interesting world we live in.

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