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Time. It got away from us.

We realize that we have neglected our blogging duties for some time now. We usually aim for at least one post each week, but the past two weeks really knocked us for a loop around here, in ways we hadn't even imagined. For one thing, we thought that hiring someone else, someone who came highly recommended, to wash and re-stain the deck would be a grand time saving idea, but that plan didn't take into account the fact that they might set our house on fire, resulting in a visit from the fire department and a week's worth of stress and worry while they hurried to fix the thankfully small area of damage (which, also thankfully, remained mostly outside).  Of course this is exactly what happened.  And it wouldn't have been nearly as worrisome or stressful if said accident had not occured the weekend before we were to host, and I do mean host, a wedding for a close friend. What goes into hosting a wedding? Well, while the contractors worked all week to fix the house and deck, I was busy cooking reception foods (including bliny toppings, borsch, and chocolate covered pretzels), and on Friday we hosted a small pizza party while we finished the food preparations (including assembling fruit kabobs, cubing cheeses, and making 250+ blinys, which kept us up until 3am); We housed six people, including the bride and groom, so on Saturday we ferried people around, making it to the 11am wedding, then home to pick up the food for the 1pm reception, after which we packed it all up again to head back home; On Saturday evening we had all the guests over for a second reception, this time a BBQ at our house, followed by movie watching and euchre tournaments; And Sunday consisted of an afternoon of Guitar Hero play, and ended in a final airport trip.  Even when you are tired it is very hard to say goodbye.  So.  What did you all do with your Memorial Day weekend?

More pictures, of course, in the May 2009 album.

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