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Garden season now underway

This time last year (that being Memorial Day weekend) found us making (with great thanks to Jon's parents for their help) much needed improvements to the outside of our home, such as the grading around our foundation.  It wasn't until several weeks later that we were able to do much work on the gardening aspect of our outdoor area, and that meant several things went into the ground late.  This year we were able to plan a little more appropriately and we spent most of yesterday putting in new and improved garden boxes, replacing the soil, and planting our own little patch of summer goodness.  Calvin helped with every step of the way, from measuring the boards at Lowe's to picking out plants at Dexter Gardens, and even helped to plant them, stake them, mark them, and water them.  What do we have in our garden this year?  In the first box we have two kinds of red tomatoes, one orange tomato, one green tomato, four bean plants, one sweet pepper plant, and eight onions;  In the second box we have one pumpkin mound, two zucchini mounds, one yellow squash mound, one cantaloupe mound, and one watermelon mound.  We do have plans to put in one more box, for radishes, etc., in the next two weeks, and we also plan to start four herb pots on our deck, including basil, oregano, parsley, and cilantro.  Then, once we have all the yummy planting out of the way, we'll go on to our next projects for the summer - we have lots of things planned for our space but have yet to decide what we'll have the time, energy, and finances to complete this year.  Regardless, I love the feeling of action that comes with the summer months!

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