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These boots were made for splashing

This morning we had one purpose in mind when we journeyed to the nearby resale shop, and that one purpose was splashing boots, or, as most of know them, rain boots. I was half expecting a trip like this one from last year, but knew it was virtually impossible—nothing could be quite that cool twice. True enough, it wasn't quite as cool as last year's trip, but we did find boots. The upside? They only had one pair in his size, and Calvin fell in love with them. The downside? They were new, not resale. I wavered momentarily—do I actually buy something brand new at full price when there are so many good resale clothing options out there that are kinder to both the pocketbook and the environment?—but the images floating through my head of a wildly grinning little boy splashing through gigantic puddles with brightly colored chameleon boots on his feet won out.

I was not disappointed.

I comfort myself with the knowledge that I haven't bought him brand new clothing (other than his daily wear shoes) in over two years. Not to mention that this afternoon's joy was worth every penny of the higher price tag (as fun as a carnival but cheaper actually), even if he was to never wear those boots again, which I think highly unlikely.

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They are the most be-yoo-ti-ful boots; the cost is completely justified; and where do I find a pair in my size? Thanks for the images!
March 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGrandma O

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