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Just a glimpse

I'm glad we hiked the fields yesterday because at fifty degrees today it would have been too slushy to maneuver. We made good use of the new clear sidewalks, though, and biked to the mailbox for the first time since early November.

We also took to the walking paths. This was Calvin's first Downy Woodpecker sighting. We watched him peck away at the tree for about ten minutes.

We spent some time catching up with neighbors who have also been hibernating for the past few months. We fed the birds and watched them congregate on the feeders right after. We found evidence of both rabbits and deer in our yard. I can't measure in words how much I've missed the comfort of being outdoors: the fresh air, the warming sun, the signs of life all around. When it snows next week I think this will be just enough of a glimpse to keep me smiling until spring.

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