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Fighting the fever

It's too early for spring fever. And it was really too cold for puddle splashing today, too, but with fresh snow lurking just around the corner what's a mother to do? I'm dying to get out, he's dying to get after a morning at the library out we went. Snow is a little hard for Calvin to manage on his bike, which I'm sure would be true anyhow but the more I watch at him riding that thing the more I'm seeing images of clowns on tiny toy two-wheelers being followed by yappy little dogs in neck cones. I think it's time for a new one.

In actuality it was definitely too cold for puddle splashing today, but that's what we have heat and hot tea for when we get home, right? And who am I to curb his enthusiasm? I'm just mighty pleased the boots still fit.

This is the most rewarding time of year to bird watch. Many of our birds are still around or are heading back, and without leaves in the trees they are much easier to spot. Calvin found this cardinal for us, and I spotted the very shy junco.

Okay, now how about some hot tea and scones from under a warm blanket while reading a good book? Sounds perfect. I'm not sure but I might like these days better than the warmer ones.

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