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We're here

Pictures like these and you may think we've gone off to Florida, but actually we're just a few hours from home on the western shores of Michigan, where we found blue skies and mid-summer temperatures. And calm, and joy, and smiles. And frigid, frigid water. We make this trip every year to enjoy the festivities of Holland's Tulip Time. Mostly we find enjoyable but chilly spring weather, espeically with the wind coming off the lake. Today's summer-like weather was a special treat, and it might repeat itself tomorrow. Be it spring or summer in the air, though, we're here to breath it easily and get a little rest and relaxation in. Vacation. It's for resting, reading, sight seeing, free time. We'll do all of that. Expect pictures of tulips, and maybe more of surf, sun and sand, if the weather holds (although I don't hold out much hope of that).

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