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He'll be in Africa if you need him

Imagination is a brilliant, beautiful, colorful thing, full of life and joy and laughter. Calvin has become enamored with the Magic Tree House book series: kids traveling in time and place via tree house (magic, of course) and watched over by the kindly Morgan Le Fey (I thought Morgan Le Fey was evil in Arthurian legend?). This weekend he had the fantastic idea of building a tree house in which to act out or pretend-play some of these scenarios himself. He had it all worked out, except for the part where we don't have big trees. No problem, we already had a play house, thanks to some neighbors with bigger kids, and a deck that is a half story off the ground. Instant tree house. This morning he was in ancient Africa, and then later in ancient Rome. Tomorrow I suspect he'll be visiting the dinosaurs (but that's because we are planning a trip to the zoo to see the newly reopened dino exhibit).

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My 11 yr old still enjoys these books she even has them on audio. But we have never acted them out although we have had long conversations on the plots. I do think these stories have increase her <a href="">reading comprehension</a>. I sure hope these books continue for a long time.
June 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCarol
My daughter liked those books when she was young, but the boys have never taken to them. (Yeah, I always had a problem with the Morgan LaFey bit...and some other aspects of the books, too.) They boys always preferred the Magic School Bus stuff instead.

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