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Dinosaurs at our zoo

First we had to get past the volcano, which, with our little volcanologist aboard, was not an easy task.

Then wow! Dinosaurs.

Would you take a look at that guy?

There were a lot of grinning dinosaurs. Really happy, grinning dinosaurs.

Like this guy. Man is he happy.

This one is so happy he's gone stupid silly!

And look at this one...he even has his party hat on.

Talk about party hats!

Calvin thought this one looked sweet (as in "awwwww, isn't he sweet?")

But not as sweet as this one, and his whole nest of siblings

This one wants a dental checkup. Say ahhhhh...

We did not get eaten, and we avoided being spit upon as well...

And we even got a little friendly with the natives.

Very friendly.

Perhaps too friendly (has he been eaten???)

But we lived to see the rest of the zoo anyhow.

Till next time, zoo.

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