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Looks like summer

Again I have not much more to share than pictures. We've spent two days working in the gardens again, plus some reading and some games and some usual, usual stuff. In the garden we raised our vegetable gardens further, added more dirt, marked them off by the square foot, and planted them. That took some of yesterday and much of this afternoon. In other news I worked the book sale this morning (and came home with nothing remarkable) and we went to the Dexter Ice Cream Social after, where Calvin enjoyed the bounce house, the ponies, the ice cream, and we all enjoyed a hay ride. I love our little village. And we have a new vintage/antiques store. We stopped in on our way to the car after the social (and before we got home and gardened in the 90 degree heat) and Calvin was having such a great time admiring all the stuff (where did he learn to do that???) that the owner told us to be sure and bring him back because "he might have the gene," by which I assume he is referring to a retro-loving gene, but I'm not entirely sure.

There wasn't much else to the day, but the evening held a visit from gram and grandpa (who seem to know automatically when we will be exhausted from yard/house work and need not only food but also good company) and an inaugural run for the fire pit. It works. It even makes s'mores.

Beware the s'more monster. He has a chocolate face and beady eyes and because we're up late he's not getting enough sleep. That, after all, is what summer is for.

And the garden is almost done, although we still have more room. We are still on a squash and broad leaf planting break thanks to the squash bugs that got us two years ago (everything I've read said wait three years before trying again), but we've filled our plots with a variety of tomatoes, some peppers (purple peppers!), broccoli, cauliflower, chard, eggplant, and beans. Tomorrow we're headed out to chose other (or more of the same) for the remaining plots. This is our first year with square foot gardening, which you can see we are not following squarely, since you are not supposed to have the same food in abutting squares and our tomatoes are abutting all over the place, but it's a learning process, and we're going to learn this year just how important that spacing really is (although the trial and error method is a bad one here since results depend on other outside variables). Here's hoping for good crops this year.

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What a lovely start to summer. I LOVE your garden!!

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