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Snow at last

Snow, and the beginning of civilization in America. There is precious little out there for looking into the hunter gatherer period in America, so though we've only just finished researching human migration into that sphere, I find that we are already plunging into the rise of human populations there. We'll do a little looking at the Mayan and Incan worlds, then we'll bring our focus to the nations of North America and stick around there for a while.

All that will be on hold for about a week now, though. We have the auto show on Saturday, for which we'll make another  and a big trip next week so I thought not to start anything new before we left. We watched two videos about the Mayan culture today, one a National Geographic, the other a Nova, but they fell into the "okay but not too thrilling" category. I did get a fun book from the library about the Mayan code with activities and crafts that sounds good, so we might look at that tomorrow, between packing and laundry, and all else that comes our way (more snow, perhaps? And a Gymboree sale at the local resale shop).

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