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2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit

It's that time of year again so today we picked up our dads and headed into Detroit for the NAIAS. New this year—some of the show's grandeur has returned. I remember shows when I was in college that were peppered with loud acts and bright lights. Over the past few years, for obvious reasons, the show has been more subdued. I don't think this was necessarily a bad thing, mind you—they are merely trying to sell cars, after all, and I can't imagine how acrobats hanging from the ceiling help with that—but it was fun to see some of the excitement return this year in the form of large screens, bright lights, loud music, and a handful of acts or rides.

We had a great time. There were some beautiful historic cars, some interesting concept cars, and even a few cars that we have added to our considerations list for the year, some way down the road, when it's time to replace our Vibe. We're thinking Hybrid. Wouldn't that be great.

A quick rundown of events:

I'm not sure the fake Supremes (who were just dancing, not singing) count as Motown entertainment...

1952 The original Mercedes 300 SL (race car)

Safety display fail—that kid in the back seat should at least be in a booster...

Learning about brakes

Acura NSX

1934 Model 40

Designing a Mustang

Honda plane model (but does anyone else see Spy vs. Spy?)

To the Detroit Beer Company for a late lunch. The beer was great, the food was okay, the service was terrible (one out of three isn't bad, if you like really great beer).

Many buildings are sad but pretty in Detroit.

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