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Good morning 2015

A new morning, a new year. We were still partaking in Christmas festivities this weekend, so mentally I've kind of been thinking of Monday as the first day of the new year. That's the day we start back to school, and work, and the day I plan to get back on track with chores, etc. Our year starts on the fifth!

I'm not doing resolutions this year. I feel pretty good about where we are right now, why mess with a good thing? We've had an amazing school year so far, but we will be adding a few things. In particular, Calvin has asked to add the 365 photo challenge to our daily activities, since he got a camera for Christmas, and since he also got a book journal, he started mapping out his reading plan for the next month, and beyond. Those things will begin appearing on the blog. And our family has some fun plans for the year as well—a wedding (!), a continuation of traditions, and more.

2015 has all the makings of a fantastic year, so now it's up to us to build it that way, and enjoy it.

Happy new year.

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