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2015, Week 1, in pictures

The first week of 2015. The second half at least was bitterly cold, but brilliantly beautiful. Sun glinted off newly fallen snow in single digit temperatures. For all that beauty, though, we spent most of the new year's first week inside. Can you blame us? The birds that visted our feeder with fluffed against the cold, and that pretty layer of snow covered a slick layer of ice that even kept me in on the treadmill for running. Mother nature's winter beauty can be deadly.

Though for the first few days of our new year we were still partying like it was 2014, on Monday we hit the ground running and haven't looked back. I think that after two weeks of people and activity filled days we were ready to jump back into our quiet routine. Atomic motion, solving for unknowns, and Robin Hood and King Richard were waiting for us where we'd left off, and there were plenty of thank you notes and journal entries to write after such a fun festive break.

As promised, we added a new art to our daily routine by taking on the photo-a-day challenge. Last year Calvin had started some photography using my old DSLR, but it was on its last leg when he got it, and it didn't last much longer. So for Christmas this year we got him a point and shoot. And like all kids in our new age, he already knows more about it than I probably ever will. To keep us on track, we are following the Capture Your 365 daily challenge prompts, which I have listed here, but we are mainly using them for suggestions.

Jan 1: Good morning 2015!
by Calvin

Jan 2: Think over
by Cortney

Jan 3: Open Possibilities
by Cortney

Jan 4: A reflection of me
by Calvin

by Cortney

Jan 5: Ensemble
by Cortney

Jan 6: Where I stand
by Calvin

by Cortney

Jan 7: Solitude
by Calvin

by Cortney

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