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Seven years

It actually doesn't sound like a lot of time, especially both of our parents celebrating their fortieth this year and the next. When we look back, though, and look at not the years but the experiences, that's when it feels like it starts to add up. It's strange to realize that we've had the blog for five of those years, so a lot of those experiences have been journaled here over time. In 2005 there was our first furniture purchase, a trip to D.C., separations, and togetherness. And who can forget Raspberry? In 2006 it was all about Calvin, of course, or about being new parents, with an occasional reference to pets, zoo trips, or bald heads. In 2007 he got there was great sadness, many joys, and even some travel. 2008 found us in a new house in a new town, traveling to much more distant lands than before, and trying our hands at new things that happen to be still in progress (I can't believe how small our veggie garden was then!). 2009 was our first ER visit (can't forget that), more travel and trying new things (and hey, I knew the garden got bigger). It's amazing how much has changed. Now let's come back from that short jog down memory lane.

We have wonderful families who gathered last night to celebrate our seven years together with great conversation and fabulous food—thank you to everyone for the food (because everyone except us made something), the fun, the love, the gifts, the all around great time.

And we tried to get one of just the two of us, but some strange little tyke kept running up to join in the fun, not to be left out.

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